The Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ Worth It? A Complete Review

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  • Date: January 29, 2024
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The Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ is a telescope that has been designed for beginners who want to explore the wonders of the night sky. With its affordable price point and easy-to-use features, this telescope has become a popular choice among amateur astronomers.

However, before making a purchase decision, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what this telescope has to offer and how it performs. In this review article, we will provide an objective analysis of the Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ based on our personal experience with the product.

We will discuss various aspects such as optics performance, mount design, software compatibility, and limitations. Our aim is to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the product so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not the Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ is right for them.

Whether you are someone who wants to observe celestial objects as a hobby or planning on pursuing astronomy as a career path, this article will serve as your guide in exploring one of the most popular telescopes available in the market today.

Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ Reflector Telescope
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Is the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ a good telescope for beginners?

The Celestron Astromaster 130EQ, with its user-friendly design and reasonably priced features, makes it a suitable choice for beginners looking to explore the night sky. This reflector telescope boasts an aperture of 130mm, which is ideal for observing bright objects in the sky such as planets, moons, and nebulae.

Additionally, the equatorial mount allows for easy tracking of celestial objects as they move across the night sky. One of the primary advantages of the Celestron Astromaster EQ series is its ease of use. The telescope comes equipped with an adjustable tripod that can be adjusted to different heights depending on your viewing preferences.

Overall, while there are more advanced telescopes available on the market, the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ is an excellent entry-level option for those just starting their stargazing journey.

Its combination of affordability and ease of use make it a great choice for beginners looking to explore all that our universe has to offer.

What can you see with the Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ?

Various celestial objects such as planets, stars, and galaxies can be observed with the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ telescope. This telescope is a reflector type of telescope, which means that it uses mirrors to reflect light from distant objects into an eyepiece. The Astromaster 130 EQ has a primary mirror that measures 130 millimeters in diameter, allowing for clear and detailed images of various celestial bodies.

One of the great features of the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ is its ability to view planets in our solar system. With this telescope, you can observe Jupiter’s four largest moons, Saturn’s rings, and even Mars’ polar ice caps.

If you are interested in astrophotography, then you will be pleased to know that the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ also comes equipped with a motor drive as an added extra, for tracking celestial objects as they move across the sky. This feature allows for longer exposures during photography sessions to capture stunning images of space objects.

Overall, this powerful yet beginner-friendly telescope provides an excellent experience for anyone looking to explore space and expand their knowledge of astronomy.

What is in the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ box?

Included in the package of the Astromaster 130 reflector telescope are several accessories such as two eyepieces, a StarPointer finderscope, and an adjustable steel tripod.

The two eyepieces included are a 10mm and 20mm Kellner eyepiece which provide magnifications of 65x and 33x respectively.

The StarPointer finderscope helps locate objects in the night sky and has illuminated crosshairs for easy targeting.

The Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ also comes equipped with an equatorial mount that allows for more precise tracking of celestial objects as they move across the night sky.

This is particularly useful when observing planets or other objects at high magnification where any vibration or movement can cause significant image distortion.

The primary mirror of the Astromaster 130 EQ has a diameter of 130mm and a focal ratio of f/5, making it ideal for both deep-space observation and terrestrial viewing.

The optics used in this telescope provide crisp images with excellent clarity and detail.

Overall, this telescope is an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore astronomy on a budget while still having access to quality equipment that provides engaging views of our universe.

Overview of Astromaster 130EQ Optics Performance

With a primary mirror diameter of 130mm and focal ratio of f/5, the Astromaster 130EQ reflector telescope delivers crisp and clear images that make it suitable for both deep-space observation and terrestrial viewing.

The optical system consists of a spherical mirror that reflects incoming light to form an image at the focal point, where it is viewed through an eyepiece. While a spherical mirror produces images with some distortion due to off-axis light, Celestron has improved image quality by adding a secondary parabolic mirror to correct the distortion.

The Astromaster 130EQ reflector telescope offers high magnification capabilities that allow viewers to observe even faint details on celestial objects such as planets, galaxies, and nebulae. The maximum useful magnification of this instrument is approximately 260x, which can be achieved using a Barlow lens or other accessories.

However, higher magnifications may result in image degradation due to atmospheric turbulence or insufficient aperture size.

In terms of field of view (FOV), the Astromaster 130EQ features a Newtonian reflector design that provides wider FOVs compared to refractor telescopes with similar apertures. This means viewers can capture larger areas of sky in one observation session, making it easier to locate targets and track their movements across the night sky.

Overall, the optics performance of the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ reflector telescope is impressive given its affordable price range and versatility for various applications.

Astromaster 130 EQ Equatorial Mount with Steel Legs

The Astromaster 130EQ reflector telescope is mounted on an equatorial mount with steel legs, making it a reliable tool for tracking celestial objects. The mount allows the user to align the telescope’s axis parallel to that of Earth’s rotation, so it can follow the path of an object in space without having to constantly adjust its position.

The tripod is well-built and offers excellent stability, minimizing vibrations caused by wind or movement. The focuser of the Astromaster 130EQ is smooth and precise, allowing for accurate focusing of images. The included finderscope helps locate objects quickly and easily, while the barlow lens doubles the magnification capabilities of any eyepiece used with it.

With these features combined, users can expect clear and detailed views of planets, star clusters, nebulae, and more. In terms of overall performance and value for money, the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ review shows that this reflector telescope lives up to its reputation as a dependable instrument for both beginner and intermediate astronomers alike.

Its equatorial mount with steel legs provides a sturdy base for astronomical observations while its high-quality optics produce sharp and vibrant images that capture even subtle details in celestial objects. Anyone looking to explore our universe should definitely consider adding this telescope to their collection.

AstroMaster 130EQ Starry Night Astronomy Software

The AstroMaster 130EQ reflector telescope is a well-rounded instrument that comes equipped with Starry Night astronomy software. This feature allows users to delve into the night sky through a virtual setting, enhancing their astronomical experience and providing them with an opportunity to learn more about planets, stars, and celestial objects.

The software provides an immersive experience that makes it possible for enthusiasts to explore the universe in detail without leaving their homes. The Starry Night astronomy software is easy to use and provides a wealth of information on various celestial objects. Users can navigate through different star systems, observe planets up close, and study nebulas in detail.

With this technology at hand, astronomers can identify constellations accurately and track their movements across the sky over time. The spherical optics of the telescope provide crisp images of distant objects while the German equatorial mount offers smooth tracking for precise observations.

Additionally, this telescope comes with a 20 mm eyepiece that provides a wide field of view and enhances the user’s viewing experience by making it easier to locate celestial objects. With its powerful magnification capabilities, users can explore deep space objects such as galaxies or observe details on planetary surfaces like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

All these features make it an ideal instrument for both novice astronomers looking for an affordable entry-level setup or experienced stargazers who want to expand their collection of telescopes.

Celestron Astromaster 130EQ OTA Assembly

Moving on from the discussion about the AstroMaster 130EQ Starry Night Astronomy Software, let’s now shift our attention to the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ OTA Assembly.

For those who are new to astronomy, OTA means ‘optical tube assembly,’ which is essentially the main body of a telescope. The Celestron Astromaster 130EQ comes with an OTA that has a focal length of 650 mm and an aperture of 130 mm, making it ideal for viewing deep-space objects such as galaxies and nebulae.

To assemble the OTA, you begin by attaching it to the equatorial mount provided in the package. The mount itself features slow-motion controls that enable precise adjustments of the telescope’s position while tracking celestial objects. Once attached, you can then proceed to attach other accessories such as red dot finders and eyepieces.

Speaking of eyepieces, this particular model comes with two: a 20mm eyepiece (which provides a magnification factor of 32x) and a 10mm eyepiece (which provides a magnification factor of 65x).

Assembling your own telescope might seem daunting at first, especially for beginners in astronomy. However, rest assured that Celestron has designed its Astromaster line with accessibility in mind. With patience and attention to detail, you’ll soon be able to enjoy stunning views of Jupiter’s moons or distant galaxies thanks to your very own Celestron Astromaster 130EQ.

Limitations of Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ:

It is important to consider the limitations of the Astromaster 130EQ when evaluating its suitability for astronomical observation. One significant limitation is its aperture size, which measures only 5.1 inches in diameter.

This means that the telescope has a relatively small light-gathering capacity, which can limit its ability to capture fainter celestial objects. It also affects the resolution of the images produced by the telescope, making it more difficult to see fine details on planets and other objects.

Another limitation of this model is its mount design. The AstroMaster 130EQ uses an equatorial mount, which can be challenging for beginners to learn how to use it effectively. It requires a certain level of skill and patience to align properly with celestial objects and track their movement across the sky using this type of mount.

Additionally, some users have reported that the mount itself can be wobbly or unstable, which further complicates matters.

Another potential drawback of this model is its overall build quality. Some users have reported issues with components such as the focuser or eyepiece holder breaking or malfunctioning over time.

While Celestron does offer a warranty on its products, it may be frustrating for users who experience problems with their equipment after investing time and money into it.

Overall, while there are certainly benefits to owning an AstroMaster 130EQ telescope, it’s important to carefully weigh these limitations against your own observing needs before making a purchase decision.

Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ Review FAQ

What is Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ?

Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ is a reflector telescope designed for astronomy enthusiasts. It is a part of Celestron’s Astromaster line and comes with an equatorial mount. The telescope has a 130mm aperture and uses a spherical primary mirror to gather light.

How does Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ perform?

Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ is an excellent telescope for beginners and intermediate astronomers. It provides sharp and clear images of the moon, planets, and deep-sky objects. However, the spherical primary mirror may cause some distortion and reduce the sharpness of the image.

What is the price range of Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ?

The price of Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ falls in the range of £200 to £400. It is a decent telescope for its price and provides good value for money.

What is included in the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ package?

The Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ package includes the telescope tube, equatorial mount, tripod, a 20mm eyepiece, a 10mm eyepiece, a finderscope, and a software CD for astronomy.

Is the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ suitable for astrophotography?

The Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ is not specifically designed for astrophotography, but it can be used for basic astrophotography with some modifications. The equatorial mount and the slow-motion controls are useful for tracking celestial objects, and a motor drive can be added for automatic tracking.

What is the focal ratio of Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ?

The focal ratio of Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ is f/5, which means it has a relatively wide field of view and is suitable for observing large celestial objects like galaxies and nebulae.

How do I align Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ?

To align Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ, you need to find a level surface and point the telescope towards the north. Level the mount and polar align it using the latitude adjuster. Then, level the tube and use the finderscope to align the telescope to a bright star

Video – Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ Telescope

Final Thoughts

The Celestron Astromaster 130EQ is a great entry-level telescope for beginners who want to explore the night sky. With its 130mm aperture and 650mm focal length, it can provide clear views of planets, stars, galaxies, and other deep-space objects.

The telescope comes with two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm), a finderscope, and an equatorial mount with steel legs that make it easy to set up and align.

The Celestron Astromaster 130EQ also comes with Starry Night astronomy software which can help users locate celestial objects in the sky. However, there are some limitations to this telescope. Its plastic focuser is not very durable and may cause image distortion if not used carefully. Additionally, the mount may need frequent adjustments during use.

Overall, the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ is a solid choice for those looking to explore astronomy as a hobby or for educational purposes. Its affordable price point makes it accessible for most beginners while providing quality optics performance that can provide stunning views of the cosmos. However, users should be aware of its limitations before making their purchase decision.

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