Celestron AstroMaster 102az Telescope Review

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  • Date: July 17, 2022
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Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope
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Interested in learning more about the night sky?

The Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope is a great way to get started. It’s designed for anyone who wants to not only do a bit of stargazing but also want to use it for things a bit closer to home too. This telescope has an incredible 102mm aperture and 1000mm focal length, which means you can see objects much clearer than with smaller telescopes. And because this telescope is made by Celestron, you know that it will be durable and reliable as well as easy-to-use.

You don’t need any previous experience or knowledge of astronomy – just start looking up!

If you’re looking for a telescope that will last you years then this one is perfect! With its durable design and high-quality optics, it’s sure to be your new favorite telescope for years to come.

The first thing we want to point out in this Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope Review is that any scope from the Celestron brand will give you high-quality images of land or sky.

And like many other scopes from this well respected make , this one also comes with a stylish design and offers great performance when focused right. And with a quality mirror you would only expect to find on some more expensive professional telescopes.

Celestron 22065 AstroMaster 102AZ Refractor Telescope, Dark Blue

The Aperture

Beginner astronomers and hobbyists will find this telescope a great buy, particularly given that it has minimal, but high-quality features. Being a 4-inch refractor telescope, the unit can be used for deep sky astronomy.

Often these entry level telescopes have apertures of only 70mm to 90mm. Small aperture telescopes are a solid choice for terrestrial viewing and observing within the Solar System, but they are not suitable for deep space objects.

The AstroMaster remedies this simply by being bigger than other entry level telescopes.The telescope features a 102mm aperture, which allows you to see lots of surface details when viewing the Moon and its craters or other planets.

The Optical Tube

Of course this increased aperture mean that the telescope is a little heavier than smaller aperture scopes, but this scope still remains portable . The optical tube is around 36 inches long when it is fully extended and the telescope weighs in at only 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs).

Easy to Set-Up

Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope

The Celestron Astro Master 102AZ is a refractor telescope built to offer professional quality images whether you are looking at things on land or doing a spot of stargazing. It is designed to be easy to set up and really simple to use, making it an appealing choice for beginners.

The Tripod

The Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope comes with a high-quality, durable tripod. This device will be comfortable for viewing the night sky or anything else you’d like to see! And as with the scope itself, this tripod is solid and a high-quality piece of equipment.

The Mount

Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope

The telescope’s alt-azimuth mount has a panning handle/ altitude clutch. This enables you to tilt the telescope to any angle you require.

What You Can See

While the Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope is by no means designed for deep-sky viewing (apertures of 6 inches and upward are needed for this) you can easily see brighter galaxies, nebulae, and clusters.

Even though the aperture is only 4 inches, the telescope is certainly powerful enough to view the Moon in wonderful detail, giving you clear and crisp images of its valley, peaks, and craters.


Whether you are using it to do a bit of high quality bird watching, or using it to get great views of the stars, this telescope will give you some fantastic images.

It also come with some computer software, so, you can combine the telescope with your computer for record keeping, planning, and photography. The software allows you to see up to 10,000 celestial objects at a go.



  • Two quality eyepieces
  • 1- 20 mm eyepiece with 33 x magnification
  • 1- 10 mm eyepiece with 66 x magnification
  • Focal Length: 660 mm
  • Focal Ratio: 6.5
  • Permanently mounted StarPointer red dot finderscope
  • “TheSkyX: First Light Edition” astronomy software with 10,000-object database to help you learn about the universe (included)
  • Quick and easy no-tool setup with quick-release dovetail attachment
  • Erect image optics, ideal for terrestrial and astronomical use
  • Altazimuth mount makes it easy to point the telescope at targets
  • Large 102 mm refractor-style optical tube
  • Rugged pre-assembled tripod with 3.18 cm (1.25 in.) steel tube legs and deluxe accessory tray
  • Coated all-glass mirrors for clear, crisp images

  • The AstroMaster is made with high quality coated optics.
  • Observe targets with clarity, contrast and detail.
  • A dual-purpose telescope suited for terrestrial views as well as astronomical use.
  • Fast and simple setup.
  • Affordable telescope suitable for some deep-sky observations.
  • The mount is not as smooth as it could be.
  • Not suitable for astrophotography

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The Celestron Astromaster 102az Telescope is one of the most powerful telescopes in the AstroMaster series for the price point.

Even with its high magnification you will get with the eyepieces, you can still upgrade it with better eyepieces so even more magnification.

This telescope can be used by beginners and can also be used by experienced star gazers and hobbyists who need a really good telescope at an incredible price.

Celestron 22065 AstroMaster 102AZ Refractor Telescope, Dark Blue
  • HIGH-QUALITY 102MM OPTICS: The heart of the system is a fully-coated 102mm achromatic lens. The AstroMaster mount features a panning handle that allows you to make precision adjustments to view celestial and terrestrial objects
  • Adjustable, full height steel tripod with deluxe accessory tray
  • Quick and easy no-tool setup
  • Accessories include a 20mm and 10mm eyepiece, a finderscope, and an erect image diagonal - ideal for both terrestrial and astronomical use